What’s Included

This program gives you everything you need to start leading your own Relational Alchemy-style workshops. You will get the instructions for leading the best exercises I’ve found for building intimacy and connection in groups. You will get sample schedules and sequencing for Relational Alchemy events, and learn to create your own. You will be trained in the fundamental concepts and attitudes behind Relational Alchemy. And you will be putting what you’re learning immediately into practice, throughout your life.

I want to bring this training to participants all over the world, therefore the format of this program is primarily online documents, online community forums, and through teleconference calls.

The program will include a living (i.e. ever-growing and evolving) online handbook for the planning, logistics, marketing, and facilitation of Relational Alchemy-style events, and for integrating intimacy-building exercises into your own workshops.

As a participant, you will become a member of the Relational Alchemy Leadership community website. I’ll be creating this online community for sharing experiences, exercises, resources, tips, and support. This is a community exclusively for  participants of this program, and will continue even after the program is finished so that you can continue sharing and collaborating with relational leaders long after your training is complete.

Both the handbook and the community website will include detailed instructions and advanced facilitation tips for Relational Alchemy exercises, both focusing on tried-and-true exercises that have been refined over years and creating a forum where new exercises can be ‘workshopped’.

There will be 8 weekly training calls, one for each program module. The calls will be using MaestroConference, which enables them to be highly interactive including polling, break-out groups and individual shares and attention, and with access to recordings after the call.

The overall flow of the program is organized into a sequence of 8 modules, one per week and each one building upon the foundations of the previous modules:

  1. Connection
  2. Leadership
  3. Vulnerability
  4. Welcoming
  5. Authenticity
  6. Grokking
  7. Crafting an Experience
  8. Fostering Community

I am going to try to be careful to not overwhelm participants with content, because the real work and growth comes from integrating these teachings into your lives, and in practicing facilitation. In service of that, each module will involve simple yet challenging homework assignments to immediately experience and integrate the lessons.


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