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I have been digesting all that happened (or perhaps, the pure simplicity of it) on the games night last week. What you offered is the heart of what matters to me – the chance to get to show up, naked, simple, and to speak our heart’s truth.

Michael is an excellent facilitator who is very talented at holding space to allow people and groups to explore, grow, and interact. He helps guide discussions while at the same time allowing participants to come to their own conclusions and establish their own truth. He is creative, asks good questions, and helps nurture environments that allow people and groups to develop and feel more connected.

Michael, thanks so much for the amazing evening of relationship boundary pushing. You created a safe and fun environment to do something that was new to me and totally wacky (in an amazing way). I left wanting more like this and with a curious sensation of “you can do this kind of thing??”. This is exactly the kind of experience I’ve been seeking, I had no idea it even existed! It is easy to see you love your craft and I’m so thankful to have had the chance to share in your passion.

Indeed a great event! It was so impressive and uplifting to have experienced such substantial and deep connections with someone you know for only two hours! The world would be a better place if more people relate this way. Thank you Michael. Thank you fellow participants.

I have tremendous faith in Michael as a facilitator. He creates a space that is loving and safe where exploration, authenticity and magic can happen. He takes charge in this subtle way that is simultaneously gentle and strong.

I had the pleasure of attending (participating!) in relational alchemy put on by Michael last night in Berkeley. Totally blew me away. It was so incredible to explore deep ways of connecting to others in such a safe, engaging, and fun way. Michael is a wizard at this stuff, a true craftsman. I highly recommend this evening to anyone seeking to expand authentic expression and human connection in their world. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for leading that workshop last night. I had a really wonderful time. I loved feeling myself moving to a place of vulnerability, lovingkindness, and trust with a space full of strangers. I feel more comfortable with eye gazing as well and recognize how uncomfortable I felt in the beginning when making eye contact with people, but how right it felt afterwards.

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In the 30+ years of leading, taking, and exploring transformational workshops, I rarely meet someone who has the integrity, honesty, and perceptiveness as Michael McDonald. Michael is the only coach I know who has made a speciality out of the art of integration – incorporating lessons people learn from various modalities into the application of their daily lives in order to create true transformation. If you’ve had great experiences in various workshops, seminars, retreats, etc., but lose the spark as time passes, see Michael. He’ll be able to help you make sustainable shifts in your life with reinvigoration, joy, and inspiration.

Sabrina Chaw

A Feminine Feast

Best coaching session I’ve ever had. Explored and unwired many themes around power and sexuality and gave me some serious clarity into my next steps as a man and in my process. Absolutely amazing – I recommend you send him a message if you are interested in taking your life/growth/etc to the next level.

Michael McDonald is a simplitician. Never heard of that word? Well, I bet you have experienced its opposite. Ever sit down to a book, podcast or go to a lecture and find yourself struggling to get the point or decipher the essential meaning? Your brain starts to drift as you think it might just be time to go get some chocolate? Michael IS the chocolate. He has a broad exposure to differing viewpoints in the study of human relating. His gift is condensing these down to very digestable nuggets that give the listener immediate access to understanding complex ideas. His use of language is subtle but clear so that you can “grok” it, but also find wisdom later as you muse over his statements. I find myself sharing his insights with friends and family and passing on the easy assimilation. I also delight in sharing that Michael is that rare bird, a truly caring human being.

First and foremost, Michael is an amazing listener and he can be with you through whatever comes up. He loved the journey, he cherished my process. Ultimately, I was able to really feel comfortable going deeper and deeper and revealing more and more of my truth.
I also appreciate Michael’s ability to reframe things into a more loving viewpoint. His gentle guidance, clarity, and wisdom really did help me get to my own clarity and feel more confident to step into my power so to speak. He gave me permission, which I in turn gave myself, to get closer to my essence and closer to bringing that essence into full expression into the world.
In a short time Michael helped me make huge progress. I highly recommend Michael to anyone who is looking for coaching. He will hold you gently and still encourage you to dream big and step into action.

Deb Blum


Michael’s work is characteristic and unique to me for the precision and nuance he brings to the most personal of processes you are going through, embracing it with tons of love and yet nourishing and fostering constructive change from that basic source of self-acceptance.
Michael is a coach that brings so much wit to a session that you will leave laughing about what seemed most dramatic in your life. Thus he has the amazing capacity to bring lightness to the hard work of self-transformation.

Michael McDonald is an integrity life coach. His counseling background, training, and approach to life coaching is not like the rest. He encourages individual integrity and personal accountability throughout. Your work with Michael is tailer made to your specific needs based on an initial explorative consultation. From there, your weekly commitments are geared towards establishing healthier habits long term so that you can and will overcome whatever obstacles are blocking your potential. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to and with the support of Michael McDonald as your life coach, you will succeed guaranteed.