The Leadership Training program is organized into 8 modules, one per week, each building on top of what has come before. Each module develops a ‘metaskill’ of Relational Alchemy, the facilitation of that aspect within groups and workshops, and the integration of that aspect throughout your life.

The modules are:

June 23-29: Connection

June 30-July 6: Leadership

July 7-13: Vulnerability

July 14-20: Welcoming

July 21-27: Authenticity

July 28-Aug 3: Grokking

Aug 4-10: Crafting an Experience

Aug 11-17: Fostering Community

Each of these topics could be the subject of their own 8-week program. The exploration of these topics, like within a Relational Alchemy Community Night, is more about experience and transformation. I will be giving you some simple, powerful lenses through which to see these topics, but the real work is in embracing a new attitude, focusing on and experimenting with that aspect of your life, and constantly learning and growing from your experience.

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