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Michael McDonald is an Integrity Coach who aims to bring more clarity, intimacy, authenticity, and passion into the world. He helps the ‘Quiet Giants’ of the world (conscious entrepreneurs with tremendous talent and an intimate style of relating) in the discovery and realization of their biggest dreams.

Michael is the creator of Relational Alchemy and has led over 40 workshops in 3 years in service of spreading conscious relating and raising the bar for what is possible in intimacy, as well as training other coaches to lead the work and integrate it into their own lives. He is also a veteran web developer, serial entrepreneur, professional actor, former course supervisor for the Authentic Man Program, and loves learning anything and everything about deepening transformational and relational work, without taking ourselves too seriously.

Michael’s #1 superpower is finding that thing deep inside of you, that deep source of shame that you hope no one ever sees, gently inviting that part out, loving it and celebrating it and finding that it is the real source of your power.


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