an 8-week training program

with Michael McDonald,
Integrity Coach and creator of Relational Alchemy

June – August, 2014

After leading Relational Alchemy workshops for 2 1/2 years, I’ve created this Leadership Training program that gives coaches everything they need in order to lead their own relating workshops: the confidence, the instructions, the metaskills, the practice, and the support. I want to spread this work! This training is both for coaches who are ready to lead their first workshop for the first time, and for experienced facilitators who want to invite more intimacy and connection into their work and lives.


Through this program, and through you the participants, and through the lives of the people you touch, we are working together to bring more intimacy, conscious relating, and leadership into the world.

Who This Program is For

  • Coaches and counselors who are ready to begin leading their own workshops
  • Transformational bad-asses who are craving more conscious community, and are ready to start creating it themselves
  • Experienced facilitators already leading workshops and events (with any focus, not just relational work) who want to bring more intimacy, connection, and trust into their work
  • Anyone fiercely dedicated to inspiring more intimacy and conscious relating in the world

The format of this program is primarily online and through weekly teleconference calls. This is an intentional compromise because I want to be able to bring this training to participants all over the world. (The ideal, which is also completely impractical, would be that everyone flies to the Bay Area for a live training once per week.)


Through this program, you will:

  • Learn to organize and lead your own relational workshops
  • Learn to lead the most effective (most intimacy-inspiring) exercises I’ve found and developed
  • Learn and practice the fundamental concepts behind Relational Alchemy
  • Get access to the resources and fellow leaders of the Relational Alchemy Leadership community
  • Step up as a leader throughout your life
  • Deepen your connections and relationships
  • Join the movement to bring more conscious connection into the world

Personal Transformation

The context of this program is facilitating relational work for others. And, any path of leadership is also at the same time an advanced path of personal exploration and transformation. Whatever has been standing in the way between you and leadership and deeper intimacy is bound to come up, and you will be in good company.


What’s Included

  • An online handbook with all the details for organizing, promoting, and structuring your own relating events, including instructions and facilitation tips for the best intimacy exercises I’ve found and developed.
  • An online community forum for collaboration, sharing ideas and exercises, and ongoing support amongst other relational leaders.
  • Weekly training calls, one for each module, providing a deep exploration of each of the principles behind Relational Alchemy, how it translates into masterful facilitation and how to better integrate it into your life.
  • Homework assignments for each module, so that you will be putting what you are learning immediately into practice and learning through experience.
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Program Schedule

Program registration is due Saturday, June 21.

The program officially begins Monday, June 23 and completes Friday, August 15.

The flow of program is organized into a sequence of 8 modules, one per week and each one building upon the previous modules:

  1. Connection
  2. Leadership
  3. Vulnerability
  4. Welcoming
  5. Authenticity
  6. Grokking
  7. Crafting an Experience
  8. Fostering Community
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I’ve been leading and refining relational and intimacy-inspiring workshops for over 2 1/2 years and I’ve led over 40 workshops in that time with attendance ranging from 3 people to well over 100. Along the way I’ve learned a lot about leadership, connection, crafting a transformational experience, and what works and what doesn’t in bringing more intimacy into a workshop and into our lives.

And it’s time for me to share those powerful lessons! This is my next best biggest step towards spreading conscious relating in the world, by supporting and inspiring coaches and community leaders to step up, bringing more intimacy and leadership both into their workshops and into their lives.

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